Available Options for Relieving Migraine Pain

Posted By iacpv on September 18, 2009

Migraine pain afflicts 18 to 19 percent of the population. It is a debilitating ailment that has detrimental effects on its victims and on American society, as well. Migraine sufferers are on a continual quest to relieve the symptoms of migraines and to prevent them from occurring at all, since they have a huge impact on job performance, daily activities and familial and social relationships.

While the medical community has an arsenal of prescription drugs to offer, including serotonin agonists, vasoconstrictors, anti-depressants, calcium channel blockers and even basic prescription narcotics, there does not seem to be a standard protocol that effectively treats the migraine pain that so many people suffer with. Because of this state of affairs, migraine sufferers are trying alternative medicine remedies in an attempt to relieve and prevent migraine headache pain.

Acupuncture: Acupuncture is not broadly accepted as a standard treatment for migraine pain, but many find that acupuncture applied to key nerve sites does help relieve migraine pain and lower the incidence of migraine attacks.

Vitamins and Supplements: The link between migraine pain and digestive health has been the subject of many research studies. It is interesting to note that evidence suggests that the incidence of migraine pain may increase if a person’s digestive health is poor. This has led migraine sufferers to improve their diets and to include supplements of magnesium and riboflavin, as well as the herb. MigreLief, a product from Akeson Health Sciences, combines these three elements. It is available over the counter and is recommended to be taken daily to prevent migraine pain. Also, the herb Feverfew may prevent migraines by inhibiting the function of platelets in the bloodstream, decreasing the release of serotonin and inhibiting inflammation. These by themselves might be a therapeutic way to prevent migraines.

For a long time, ice packs have been known to relieve headaches and this is a popular way to treat migraine pain. Interestingly, the traditional approach of wrapping a towel around a bag of ice has been modernized with an innovative twist. Based on the traditional ice pack method, MigraCap and BeKool are two products that are available over the counter and provide a cool and soothing effect. BeKool is just a gel-like pad that can be applied to any painful area of the head or neck, but the MigraCap is much more intensive. MigraCap comes in several different colors and is a soft cap that can be placed over the head when a migraine attack occurs. The MigraCap includes a black lining that blocks out light, but it also has cool gel packs placed in strategic areas within the cap to provide cooling and soothing relief to those areas that are frequently affected by migraine pain.

The choice of alternative medicine should be considered in the selection of any migraine therapy treatment. While the medical community offers a number of treatments, mainly consisting of prescription medications, use of over the counter medications may enhance the effects of the prescription medications; in some cases, prescription medications can be abandoned altogether in favor of the over the counter remedies. Whichever course one selects, the result could be relief from pain and an improvement in the daily life of the migraine sufferer.

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