HGH Supplements. Different forms. Part 1

Posted By iacpv on August 3, 2009

A Description of  HGH

HGH (Human Growth Hormone) is the most plentiful hormone created by the pituitary gland found in the middle of the brain of humans. This pituitary gland emits human growth hormone, and that assists in a diverse number of health functions within the human body.

Now you may think it strange that we would need increased HGH when our bodies are already generating adequate amounts of HGH. What is the reason behind replacing HGH?

Researchers believe that around the age of 30, we start to lose our levels of HGH. Throughout time, our levels are constantly dropping. The truth is, experts believe that we lose as much as 80%, if not more, over time.
What is the significance of this?

Many researchers are of the opinion that decreased HGH levels are the culprit behind many health issues and ailments that occur as we age, including weight gain, decreased energy, loss of muscle, wrinkles, diminished mental alertness, compromised immune system, vision issues and more.

In brief, the assumption is that a direct correlation exists between decreasing levels of HGH and elevated indications of aging. When our HGH levels go down, we are hit with a greater amount of the detrimental effects of aging. Therefore, the idea is that to turn back the aging process for real, we must elevate our growth hormone levels. If you belief this, then taking HGH is the way to reclaim your youthfulness.

So what are the different ways in which we can raise our HGH levels?

HGH levels can be boosted or replaced in 3 ways:
# human growth hormone injections
# human growth hormone oral sprays
# Human Growth Hormone Supplement which increase your body’s HGH levels naturally.

What are the benefits and drawbacks of each method? Which process is most successful?

METHOD # 1: HGH Injections

Although HGH injections have some shortcomings, data from some publicized studies does advocate the fact that HGH injections are productive.

In the case of injections, usually at intervals of twice or thrice a day, an injection of synthetic HGH is inserted into the body. The average price for each injection is $25; therefore, it costs about $50 – $75 per day to have injectable HGH. And it gets more difficult, as recombinant (injectable) growth hormone is classified as a prescription drug needing a doctor’s approval. Also because a “classified disease” is not being treated here, insurance will not take care of HGH injections. The result is that you will be responsible for paying all of the costs from your own wallet!

Then as I stated up above, these injections make use of synthetic (scientifically engineered) HGH. Another way to state it is that it is not natural. There is a danger of adverse side effects whenever a great quantity of foreign hormone is forced into the human body.

Indeed, an article in the July 5, 1990 edition of the New England Journal of Medicine stated that a study confirmed that many patients getting injections experienced a variety of negative side effects.

Pros: Injectable HGH works.

Cons: Injectable HGH is quite costly, painful, time-consuming, necessitates a prescription and can cause severe side effects.

METHOD # 2: HGH Oral Sprays

Oral sprays have not been proven to be effective.

Oral sprays, which contain synthetic HGH are sprayed right into the mouth. Nevertheless, many recorded cases seem to indicate that oral sprays are totally useless.

These sprays are stated to not be effective, as growth hormone is a big and unstable molecule which can not go through membranes within the mouth. Additionally, carrying out the dosage with a spray is practically impossible; however, that is not very important because the dosage supplied by a spray is quite a bit under therapeutic levels.

In addition, sprays are composed of possibly dangerous binder and filler additives which experts recommend not to touch at all.

Lastly, oral HGH sprays don’t taste too good, and who wants a bad taste left in their mouth?

Pros: none

Cons: Oral HGH Sprays do no work, taste disgusting and may include binders and fillers that could be dangerous.

to be continued…

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